Monday, October 21, 2013

Pastor Peterson

my dentist's name is dr. peterson, but you may as well call him pastor peterson.

this morning i had an appointment for a cleaning. the last time i went in i was pregnant with noah. i was a little nervous to go in today, because i knew they would be expecting to see pictures of a healthy 4 month old. and i was right. i walked in to a chorus of "congratulations." when i told them the sad news, of course they were so very gracious, but none more than the dentist himself.

he sat down with me, listened to the whole story and prayed for me, right then and there, with his hand on my shoulder.

i think he may have picked the wrong profession. he was a better pastor than some people i know who have "reverend" in front of their name.

what a beautiful reminder that no matter your career, degree, education, or skills, we are all capable of taking a moment out of our day to shock someone with love.

love came when i least expected it today, and i can just feel God's delight.

his beloved son tenderly comforting his hurting daughter. what grace.

that's the kingdom of God right there.


  1. I love that you have such a sweet dentist! Such a good reminder that we can minister no matter what walk of life we're in.

    1. Same as what Laura said...we can minister no matter what walk of life we're in.
      This must have been a hard day. I'm glad you were given the love and acceptance.