Saturday, March 22, 2014


this week we're on our last little trip before baby boy arrives. we're calling it miles-moon 2014.

friends of our sister-in-law generously offered up their vacation home in san clemente, california. right stinkin' on the beach. like, this is our view.

it's amazing. relaxing. beautiful. 

on the first day we got tacos at pedro's and went to the pier. 

i guess that's pretty.

while we ate, we witnessed a dog get rescued from a hot, vacant car. it was very exciting. 

then, back at the house, john went paddle boarding for the first time. 

what a stud.

after ocean-fun, we decided to make dinner at the house and enjoy the sunset on the deck. while john was BBQing some steaks outside and i was preparing a salad inside, i saw, through the huge back windows, a little boy about 3 or 4 wander by. we exchanged little waves and smiles as he passed. my heart leapt as i thought of my boys. i secretly hoped he'd come back around so i could see him again. 

i sort of assumed he was a neighbor and just exploring around. (all of the houses along the beach shared the same beach backyard.) but the more i thought about it, we hadn't seen ANYONE else on the beach or around the other houses all day. so seeing him was a little random. then i got this weird feeling like, and i can't explain it, but that that was noah coming by to say hello. i know it sounds a bit crazy, but oh, well. it's how i felt.

anyway. after dinner was ready we sat down on the deck, which was open to the beach, and started to eat when out of nowhere the little boy appeared again. this time he was in tears and barely could muster out, "i can't find my mom." 

well, john and i shot out of our chairs and began leading him back up the beach, where i had originally seen him coming from.

as we walked we tried to ask questions that would help piece together where in the world he came from.

what's your name? (through sobs) nick.

do you live on this road? no.

do you have a friend who lives here? no.

do you know the last place where you saw your mom? i don't know.

we were officially (secretly) freaking out. what do we do? we weren't from here. we knew no one.

my mind raced. my heart was pounding out of my chest. only a few minutes had passed, but it felt like an eternity.

as we speed-walked down the empty beach i saw in the very distance a woman running towards us. she was just a speck. 

could that be his mom? 
maybe. i hoped.

as the woman got closer i could hear her scream, clear as day, "NICK!!"

i don't think he heard her at first, but as she got closer...


he ran. and when they met, they held onto each other, weeping. it was beautiful. 

after a few emotional "thank yous" from nick's mom, john and i turned to walk away. 

i couldn't keep the tears in for pretty much an hour.

how terrifying it must have been for that mother to not know where her child was, or if he was safe. 

and how amazing it must have been to be reunited, with him finally safe in her arms. what a heavenly relief. 

but i guess i will know soon enough what that feels like.

when my life on earth is over, i will see my boys again. and it will be the most joyous of reunions.