Saturday, October 5, 2013

Do You Have Kids?

well, we were finally asked the dreaded question. (you're bound to find at least one curious person at your ten year college reunion.)

so, do you have any kids?

awkward silence. 

nervous glances shared with the husband as we tried to non-verbally communicate with each shall we answer that? how much detail does this near-stranger need to know?   are we ready to break open this tender topic?

then, i spoke.

"yes. we have a baby boy who is in heaven."

deep breath. and you know what? with those words came a deep sense of relief and pride. 

we have a son. 

four months ago tonight our perfect angel entered the world.

happy birthday, sweet one. mama and daddy are so very proud of you.


  1. This is always an awkward thing for myself. I get this question all the time...sometimes I answer and sometimes I don't. What I mean is my current hubby and I have no children but I did in my previous life so when I answer I am not being untruthful just how do I feel today about the answer emotionally. It has been over 16 yrs since they left me and it is still a difficult question to answer.....depends on the situation I guess....Prayers for you both today!

  2. I ran into this recently, jay and I were at his coworker'a house and they had 2 little kids...when asked the "do you have any kids", it was awkward. I could see jay struggling to express it without too much explanation. I finally pipped up and said "we do have a son, but he passed away at 2 days old". Felt good to acknowledge him!