Tuesday, February 4, 2014


our hometown team won the super bowl for the very first time on sunday. and you know how i feel about it?


celebrations in the streets! meh.

history making! meh.

parades! t-shirts! confetti! triple meh.

skittles! okay, i'll have a few.

now granted, i'm not a huge football fan in the first place but i'm pretty sure if this happened last year i would have gotten on the bandwagon with not too much coaxing. i usually love reasons to party.

but to get excited about a first world football team with players and coaches making hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars ... it all feels a little empty. like, what's the point, in the grand scheme of things? i mean, good for them. that's nice and all. but is it really that fantastic?

what if the city of seattle, the state of washington, the northwest, heck, the entire united states of america actually united together in support of something that actually mattered? something that made a positive difference in the world?

instead of seeing, "go hawks" in store windows i'd love to see, "go maddie" for the little girl fighting cancer at seattle children's.

instead of seeing a church staff all sign a banner for the seahawks, i'd love to see a church staff all sign a card for a widow who is spending valentine's day alone for the first time.

instead of spending billions and billions of dollars on sports arenas and players' salaries, what if we spent that kind of money on health care or our schools?

instead of a blue "12" flag, i'd love to see a flag claiming we're on the same team as those who are victims of bullying.

or maybe not "instead of" just "in addition to" would be nice.

i know i'm totally that debbie downer lady who seems to always take something harmless and fun and make it into an issue no one really wants to hear about. did you know feline aids is the number one killer of domestic cats? wah - wahhh. (thanks, snl.)

don't get me wrong. i'm not mad that the seahawks won. sports are not evil. i like sports. i actually think it's great for the city of seattle and all the positive energy is quite lovely. (and maybe shows there's hope for our beloved mariners to one day win the world series. hey, anything is possible.)

i just know the unbelievable power of rallying around someone who is hurting or a cause that makes the world better. i can testify to this type of rallying because it has literally saved my life. so i guess coming around a football franchise with crazy amounts of support just falls short, in my opinion. but that's just me.

okay, i'll come down off my little soapbox now.


  1. YES YES YES! I so completely agree and love how you so eloquently phrased it here. What if all, or even a percentage, of the energy and money that has been spent (I'd venture to say, wasted) on the Seahawks over this last week was channeled towards any of the positive, loving things that you mention above!! This has inspired me to think about a positive way I can channel my total frustration with the mania around this into something good… Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. My point of you, you can have more than one thing to celebrate. Why does it have to be a worthwhile cause to be noteworthy? I believe that we can have more than one cause/one belief instead of saying why waste money on this or that. What about the tourism that came into the economy from people from out of state? What about all the bus/train fares paid into the economy?

    Sometimes the intangibles about a community coming together in a positive way without folks being hurt and celebrating is inspiring and demonstrates respect, caring compassion for fellow man. This isn't always about sports, it is also about things that can't be measured

  3. Linda, I just think that McCayla is saying it's hard for her to care about a sporting event when she's lost 2 infants.