Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stories from #13DaysOfRainbows

wow. wow. wow.
we have been SO blown away by all the kindness that is being done in noah's name for 13 Days Of Rainbows. thank you to all of you who are participating.
it's day 4 and i thought it would be fun to share some of what's been happening. it's inspiring, encouraging and makes my heart just want to burst with joy. so much love is being spread around and what a great honor to have baby noah somehow a part of that. my mama pride is pretty much at it's peak.
here are some stories!! enjoy.
"To honor Baby Noah, who went home too soon to his Heavenly Father, I looked for something special I could do for someone during a very cold motorcyle event yesterday. I walked around a local mall parking lot with thousands of people - most of whom were pretty bundled up. All I had with me was a package of hand-warmers and a little card with Noah's name on it. Then I saw a family of 5, with one little person on Daddy's shoulders and the Mama holding another little one's hand. I started to walk away, but something tugged at me and told me that THIS family should be the lucky recipient of my hand warmers. Not a big gift, of course. The Mama was thrilled and the Daddy gave me God's blessing. I could get used to doing this. I hope Noah is smiling."
"We donated Christmas gifts today at church, for kiddos who would go without."
"4 Starbucks cards + 4 random people + 4 days + 1 baby boy remembered and honored = #13DaysOfRainbows"
"Planning to drop this off for our sweetheart pastor today."

"Went to a friend's house today to give her toys and clothes we don't need anymore."

"So this morning...Rainbows for Noah card in hand I head into my Starbucks excited to bless someone on this cold morning with a cup of coffee and start the day thinking about our precious Noah when I realize as I get out of the car, my debit card is not in my pocket. I reached back in my the car for my purse, it isn't there either. I am so disappointed because of course, I have no cash on me. As I reach to shut the door, there I see on the ground a $10 bill. I could hardly contain my tears. Talk about a God wink...or better yet, a Noah wink! Not only did someone get a nice hot cup of coffee this morning but so did I!"
"Challah for our sweet neighbor Judy."
"Pumpkin bread for the ladies in the church nursery."
"For tonight's random act of kindness to celebrate the 13 days of Noah's life, we paid for 3 cars to go through Christmas in the Park and left a card for each family."
"Shhh! #13DaysOfRainbows for Baby Noah.'
"Helped my crazy neighbor push her car out of the snow so she could get to her garage."
"Gave away a bus pass to someone who was going to pay cash for his ride. But then, the pass didn't work for that particular line. Bummer. Even though it was kind of a 'fail', the man was grateful and able to use the pass another time."
"Brought a little food basket to a family who's sweet boy has been in the hospital."
"Yummy treats for two families with new babies. Hot soup and warm cookies to fight this cold front. Celebrating Noah Butler has already blessed our family beyond words."
"Left $10 to pay for the next person or two at Starbucks!"
"Handing out donuts and coffee to workers at the lumber yard!"
"My favorite 'magic medicine' for a sweet 5 year old girl with chapped lips :)"
"Had the privilege of blessing a young family with their own precious baby boy at lunch today. Love you blessed Noah!"
"Made a donation to a local halfway house and brought dinner for sweet friends."
"I think I've been rainbowed." (A single mother's home was decorated for Christmas!)
i'm sure there are many, many more acts of kindness honoring noah, but we just haven't heard about them because they are being done sneaky-secret-like. and guess what? that's totally cool. I love it. each act is beautiful and loving, no matter who knows.
i'm in awe of how many people are being blessed and loved on, through YOU - all because a little boy named noah lived.
thank you, from the absolute depths of my heart.
looking forward to the next 10 days.
My soul glorifies the Lord
    and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
      for he has been mindful
of the humble state of his servant.
                              -Mary, the mother of Christ



  1. Mccayla- just chatted with Laura, she became a good buddy of mine during a brief stay I had in Seattle and I have followed the story of your precious Noah through her. Each year I do a service project around Christmas with my oldest son who is 5 ( I have two other sons ages 1 & 2) for my mother's Christmas gift. Instead of spending money on my mom, she asked us to bless other people. I have been praying for what our project should be and couldn't love this idea more. I am excited to get started, spread love and honor Noah. I read through your blog today for the first time and it was gut wrenching. Simply because I am a mother of three little boys. And with two of them they had life-threating blood disorders while in-utero. I know the smell of a NICU. The kindness of the nurses. The outpouring of support. The uncertainty of each day. But I took my boys home. Your words are real and true. Though you had him only 13 days, it proves that from the time you see your child you love them with a fierceness that can only be described as motherhood. And your love for him is a strong as a mother who has had a lifetime with a child. The days and time are all the same when loving a child. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for Noah. This family is excited to share his legacy.

    Much love
    Courtney Misener

    1. thank you so much for your note, courtney. it means a lot that you took the time to write, and with such thoughtfulness. i am honored and grateful. bless you!