Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our Little World Changer

(last friday it crossed my mind to write this post, but it didn't happen. so it's happening today, four days later. whatever.)

50 years ago last friday, on november 22, two great men died. and as i scrolled through my facebook status updates that day, this one caught my eye. it was posted by one of my most beloved professors from whitworth university.

C.S. Lewis, a brilliant professor and Christian apologist, is more popular and influential today than he was when he died. JFK, a political icon, becomes more obscure with each passing year. 

gives one pause to think about enduring legacy.

enduring legacy.

i immediately thought of my noah.

what if noah's 13 days living and breathing was only the beginning of what his lasting life will be?

what if on june 18th, 2063 noah hudson butler will be remembered with fondness and respect? what if someone even posts a facebook status about him, 50 years from now?

what if God can use a little baby, no longer physically on earth, to spread His love and goodness to the ends of the earth?

this unassuming facebook status gave me great hope. it reminded me that death cannot put a stop to the growing impact of noah's life. or any life for that matter. mine. yours.

each one of us will leave a legacy that outlives us. because life is too big to be contained by death.

so i look forward to seeing how this little world changer makes a mark on eternity.

live on, my boy.


  1. Your posts are so heartfelt and lovingly written. I don't know if it is helpful to read stories from others who have lost an infant. If it is, I wanted share this with you. Maybe it's too painful to read of someone else's loss......and if so I am sorry for sharing. http://babyannajoy.blogspot.com/p/about-us.html

    1. thank you so much for sharing, tim. it really blesses me to read about another's story. i hate that someone else has a similar one, but thankful to know i'm not alone.